Kahn cafeteria workers feed students’ bodies and spirits


George Hardeman, the cafeteria manager at Louise Wolff Kahn Elementary School, is a popular man on campus.

He and his staff not only garner accolades for serving good food and greeting students with smiles every day, but also draw praise for going the extra mile to make meal time enjoyable. In addition to meals, they entertain students with music and dance moves on Fridays. Their service to students earned them the Food and Child Nutrition Services’ (FCNS) Heart of Child Nutrition Award.

Whether serving their clients breakfast in the classroom or evening supper, the Kahn cafeteria staff has a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy and delight students. The seven staff members pour lots of love and experience into the 550 breakfasts, 600 lunches, and 100 suppers they serve daily. That might be explained by their rich background in food service. Together, they have more than 60 years of industry experience, all gained in Dallas ISD.

FCNS Specialist Lorraine Cheng is among those singing the praises of Hardeman and his staff.

“They are a good team at Kahn,” Cheng said.  “Their kitchen is very clean and always organized. They’ve received four and five star awards for the past several years. Mr. Hardeman, the cafeteria supervisor, is actively involved with his staff and students, and even helps with a few extracurricular programs.”

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