Teacher Appreciation Week Spotlight: Susan Khamphong, Latosha Dawn and Terri Everett


May 4-8 is National Teacher Appreciation Week! The National PTA in 1984 designated the first week of May as a special time to honor those who lend their passion and skills to educating children.

Like their counterparts across the nation, Dallas ISD teachers play an essential role in student success. During Teacher Appreciation Week, we invite the community to join us in recognizing the dedicated educators who wholeheartedly commit themselves to providing an exceptional educational experience for all children.

Each day this week, we will recognize three of the hundreds of exemplary educators in the five divisions of the district. As we highlight their experiences, we salute the role every teacher plays in making our schools, communities and country better places to live and work.

Today, we salute Division 4 teachers. Each teacher answered the same three questions: What has been your favorite moment as a teacher, what is the best thing about being a teacher in Dallas ISD, and what is one way in which you hope to impact students?


Name: Terri Everett, 10th-grade English at James Madison High School

My favorite moments as a teacher has been …

 I’ve been in education for many years and have so many favorite moments but I would have to say that my most favorite moment came early on in my teaching career.  In 1999, at our high school graduation ceremony, as the valedictorian was getting ready to give her commencement speech, she asked me to stand and she dedicated her speech to me and thanked me for saving her life as a lost high school sophomore and inspiring her to do the same for others.

The best thing about being a teacher in Dallas ISD is …

Since I am a product of Dallas ISD, I get the opportunity to work with students who are just like me. I understand firsthand some of the challenges they face and I am a constant reminder that they can be successful despite those challenges.

One way I hope to impact students is …

I want my students to not only do well in the classroom but to do well in life and be successful.  I want them to know that I believe in them and I hope that I have impacted and equipped them to become productive and responsible individuals.


Latosha Dawn, eighth-grade English Language Arts and Reading at Harold W. Lang, Sr. Middle School

My favorite moment as a teacher has been …

My favorite moment as a teacher has been working with my students during after-school activities because I get to see them in a different light. I enjoy watching them exceed in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.

The best thing about being a teacher in Dallas ISD is …

The best thing about being a teacher in Dallas ISD is the opportunities to work with all types of students, staff and parents. We have a diverse group of students and staff and I appreciate the experiences that have been offered to me in Dallas ISD.

One way I hope to impact students is …

One way I hope to impact students is by working with them on setting goals for their future. I am a strong believer in helping students look beyond what’s happening right now and looking toward what they would like to accomplish in the future.


Susan Khamphong, pre-kindergarten teacher at Mount Auburn Elementary School

My favorite moment as a teacher has been …

A parent of a student, who had been out for a few days due to illness, showed up to school to give me a hug. Apparently, the child was insistent that Mom personally deliver that hug while she was getting better at home. Mom relayed that it made her happy to see that her daughter was upset for missing school!

The best thing about being a teacher in Dallas ISD is …

The novelty; every day is different and not a day is ever boring! The daily hugs and high fives are pluses, too! Working with such a diverse student population always leads to a rewarding feeling at the end of the day.

One way I hope to impact students is …

One way I hope to impact students is to develop a relationship of love and respect with each and every one of my students. As a teacher, we will be remembered by our students for the rest of their lives. How we treat them in our classrooms is how they view themselves, their other relationships, and their future.  I hope that one day, someone that I have taught returns years later and says, “You inspired me to become a teacher.”



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