Open Mike meeting details positive momentum for Imagine 2020


When looking at student performance on ACPs, STAAR, and the number of seniors applying for college, encouraging numbers are emerging in Imagine 2020 schools.

Data compiled by district staff shows Imagine 2020 students increased their passing rate percentage in every content area on the ACPs, outpacing districtwide averages in each area except reading. Imagine 2020 is the district’s strategic feeder pattern initiative to accelerate student achievement.

When looking at STAAR data from 2012-2013 to 2013-2014, Imagine 2020 students made improvements in fourth-grade reading, fifth-grade math, Algebra 1 and biology, outpacing districtwide averages in these areas as well.

Regina Rice, director of the Imagine 2020 Strategic Feeder Pattern Initiative, provided an update on the initiative at the Open Mike community meeting held April 14 at L.G. Pinkston High School.

“We are extremely encouraged by the data, and while there is still much work to be done, this is affirmation that we are moving in the right direction and students are benefiting from this strategic focus,” Rice said.

In addition to the academic gains, seniors in Imagine 2020 schools are ahead of the district average in completing the Apply Texas college application, with 99.8 percent of them applying versus 91.4 percent districtwide.

Parent engagement numbers are also looking up, with 80 percent of Imagine 2020 parents registered on Parent Portal. The districtwide average is 67 percent.

Regina Rice, director of the Imagine 2020 Strategic Feeder Pattern Initiative, addresses community member at an Open Mike meeting.

“All of these numbers are vital to the work being done here,” Rice said. “We know parents and the community must be engaged, students must be focused on attending college and preparing for a career, and they must do the work required to improve their performance.”

Through in-school tutoring, students in the initiative receive an additional 90 hours of reading and math instruction. Through the extended day learning program, students receive 187 additional hours of personalized instruction.

The initiative also uses a student advocacy management team comprised of urban specialists, social workers, student advocate coordinators, psychologists, and college and career readiness coordinators to work with students and their families to address many of the academic and social obstacles that may affect student learning.

Imagine 2020 is part of Destination 2020, the plan to improve student academic performance throughout the district. Imagine 2020 includes 33 schools from the Lincoln, Madison, Pinkston and South Oak Cliff feeder patterns and seeks to accelerate student achievement in an effort to increase college and career readiness for every student.

“Dallas ISD has many pockets of excellence,” Rice said. “Imagine 2020 is geared toward making excellence the standard.”


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