W.T White to celebrate its 50-year anniversary


W.T. White students, teachers, and alumni will commemorate 50 years of memories at this weekend’s anniversary celebration.

Or, as W.T. White Principal Michelle Thompson laughingly put it, the alumni will come back to the school and fondly remember the bathroom they cried in after they broke up with their significant other, the gym where they competed for high school glory, and the classroom that set them on a path of lifelong learning.

“It will be great to see our alumni come back and relive their memories from when they went here,” she said. “This weekend will be a lot of fun.”

The W.T White anniversary weekend includes an alumni golf tournament, pep rally and tour for alumni, class reunions in different classrooms throughout the school, and an all-class reunion at Brookhaven Country Club.

For Thompson, she is most excited to see almost all the living W.T. White High School principals in the same place.

“It will be great to see what they remember and how all of our experience are so similar,” she said. “Because, things might change, but kids are always still kids.”

Thompson said one thing that makes W.T. White so special is that there are currently students attending the school whose grandparents are alumni. She said that many families stay within the W.T. White school zone so their kids can go to the same great school they went to.

“I feel privileged and honored to be principal here,” Thompson said. “This school has amazing history.”

For details and a schedule of events for the anniversary celebration, click here.

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