Seagoville students will soon reap benefits of Bridge Plan


The Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees approved a plan to expand more than 20 different schools in the district. Seagoville High School is among the schools listed to receive campus updates.

This approval of renovations, known as the Interim Bridge Plan, is part of a Superintendent Mike Miles’ initiative to transform schools under Destination 2020.  Some of these schools are experiencing overcrowding and poor building conditions.

The plan will eliminate modular buildings at Seagoville, which has 27 portable at their site. District officials also list Seagoville as a school that needs immediate facility improvements due to overcrowding of students.

“The Bridge Plan gives us the opportunity to address both the overcrowding issue and the condition issue. We believe students will benefit greatly,” said Mike Koprowski, chief of transformation and innovation for Dallas ISD.

In a building originally designed to hold nearly 850 students, the current student population at Seagoville serves more than 1,240 students. The $13.7 million renovation will include a more than 20,000 square foot addition, which is enough to relieve overcrowding.

The price tag also includes $2.7 million to address critical needs, such as windows.

The funding for this project will come from a combination of three funding methods, including existing funds, the creation of a public facility corporation, and the issuance of maintenance tax notes.

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