Get Ready, Set, Go!: Preparing for the Superintendent’s Scholarship Run


The Dallas ISD Superintendent’s Scholarship Run, set for May 16 is a good cause for anyone looking to support deserving high school seniors. Proceeds from the run will benefit the Superintendent’s Scholarship Fund, which has provided more than $2 million in scholarships to almost a thousand district seniors since 2000.

The run, which will begin and end at Woodrow Wilson High School, will be a family-friendly event for runners, walkers, and even spectators, so it’s definitely a worthy cause. But what’s that you say: you’re not a runner? Well, this event could serve as the perfect incentive to kick off your summer 2015 fitness plan. No less than the staff of the prestigious Mayo Clinic say you can prep for a 5K run in seven weeks, which is just about the amount of time between now and May 16.

Depending on your current fitness level and the advice of your physician, Dallas ISD Athletic Coordinator Stacey Segal agrees that there’s still time to get in shape for the run, or the walk, if you prefer.

If you decide to pursue this challenge, she advises you to identify and follow a training program. There are lots out there, including the Mayo Clinic’s 7 weeks to 5K. Segal, who oversees the athletic programs at Bryan Adams High School, is an avid runner and has several tips for novices:

  • Be sure to build rest days into your training program. These give your muscles time to recover and can prevent injury.
  • Invest in a good pair of running shoes. That doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of cash, but you definitely need shoes that provide a good level of support.
  • Novice runners shouldn’t be concerned about speed. Find a pace that allows you to hold a conversation. If you can’t do that while running, you’re going too fast.
  • More important than speed is just covering the distance.
  • Find a friend to train with.
  • Just do it! Put one foot in front of the other, get out there and get started.

Perhaps most encouraging of all is Segal’s take on the benefits of running. As a college athlete, she played softball, but didn’t become a runner until several years ago. When she became a parent, she said she knew she needed to get in shape.

“I started running to be able to keep up with my daughter,” she said. “I knew physically I wasn’t where I needed to be, so I started running, and I can truly say it has changed my life.”

Seagal has run several marathons and more than 20 half marathons. The benefits, she says are many, including peace of mind, serenity and stress relief.

“When I’m having a really bad day, it’s an opportunity to relax and breathe, and you really can smell the flowers, strike up great conversations with other runners and meet some amazing people,” she said.

Even if you decide not to run, you are encouraged to register to support the scholarship fund. For more information and to sign up, go to or contact the Dallas ISD Communications Department.


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