Dallas ISD teachers chime in on student perception survey (video)


As the Teacher Excellence Initiative continues to become the standard for the way Dallas ISD evaluates how effective a teacher is, one key piece in understanding a teacher’s effectiveness are the students in their classrooms.

Fifteen percent of a teacher’s annual evaluation will be derived from their student perception surveys, which are being administered to students in grades 3–12 during the week of April 6–10. In the above video, district teachers weigh in with their opinions on how the survey, which contains grade-appropriate questions, will impact the way in which they are evaluated under TEI.

Eric Hale, a teacher at David G. Burnet Elementary School, said the survey will provide useful information.

“We will be able to get some great data and truly see how the students feel about their experience,” he said.

Adrian Hernandez, a teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School, said the survey will be helpful because it will give teachers insight into their students’ classroom experiences.

“I think it’s a good teaching tool, because we hear a lot from our supervisors, from our principals, but I think it’s good to hear from our students as well,” he said.

For more information on the survey, click here.



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