Alex Sanger students enjoy mini-concert after winning contest


Alex Sanger Elementary School students shouted their favorite color, did (safe) karate chops, and performed a variety of other dance moves during a special Koo Koo Kangaroo concert on Tuesday afternoon.

Koo Koo Kangaroo, an interactive comedic dance-pop band from Minnesota, performed at Alex Sanger Elementary after its students won a GoNoodle contest sponsored by Children’s Health. GoNoodle is an online service that provides “brain breaks” in classrooms through brief, interactive videos designed to encourage body movement. To win the GoNoodle contest, Sanger Elementary had the highest percentage of GoNoodle users in Dallas ISD between Feb. 9–March 6.

“Brain breaks allow our kids to get some physical movement and get the blood going through their bodies,” said Danielle Wesley, senior director of school-based services for Children’s Health. “That allows our kids to be smarter because it helps them get back on task quicker.”

Alex Sanger Elementary Coach Rose Hammond was a leading GoNoodle advocate at the school. She said some videos have mini-lessons within the physical activities. She introduced GoNoodle to parents at a PTA meeting, and many parents have even incorporated the “brain breaks” at home.

Sanger Elementary Principal Hector Martinez said he appreciated how GoNoodle brings a focus to physical health.

“Having our students participate in exercise, not only at school but at home, is very important,” he said. “We are changing the mindset that healthy living is now a lifestyle.”

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