Chief addresses inquiries into investigation


As the result of an unauthorized leak of a confidential draft document created within the Office of Internal Audit, allegations against Chief of Human Capital Management Carmen Darville and members of her team appeared in the media this week. A determination of whether those allegations warrant an investigation has not yet been made by the Chief of Internal Audit. In response to the draft memo, Carmen issued the following statement:

“First, it troubles me, as it would anyone, that these allegations have been put out in the media prior to the launch of any formal internal investigation. I am proud of our work as a team and will, of course, cooperate with any investigation should it take place. What has been reported thus far through a leaked draft are clearly incidents taken out of context and it would be inappropriate to address them all publicly at this time.

I came to work in public schools because I believe that education is the most significant way to change the lives of students of color. Working in Dallas ISD gives me the opportunity to help build a school system where that change is becoming a reality and it is a privilege to be a part of the work here.

There are times in our lives when we realize that the words we have spoken are inconsistent with the standard we hold ourselves to. In communications that I mistakenly considered private, I did not hold myself to a high standard and, in doing so, misrepresented my character and cast a negative light on my team, my colleagues and the district. I apologize to them and to the Dallas ISD community for my error in judgment and for the impact it is now having on our ability to do our jobs and build on the successes we have achieved as a team. I hope to regain by my words and actions going forward the trust of my colleagues, the district and the community.”

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