BEST OF: Dallas ISD celebrates the best day ever!


Editor’s note: During the Thanksgiving holiday, The Hub will take a look back at some of the best and most popular stories from our first semester. This story was originally published on Sept. 15, 2014.

Superintendent Mike Miles commended principals and teachers on their efforts in the classroom on The Best Day Ever, celebrated Sept. 15. The day was a concentrated push toward the district’s increased focus on student achievement. Below is Miles’ message to school staff.

“Yesterday was a great instructional day in Dallas ISD – ‘the Best Day Ever.’ Academic facilitators, executive directors, assistant superintendents, Dr. Ann Smisko and I each visited several schools, and we saw some incredible teaching and a focus on strong instructional practices. Evident at every school was a palpable feeling of pride matched with a strong sense of urgency – our teachers and principals know that every day counts for our students.

We recognize that not all of the instruction we saw was proficient, and there is a lot of work still to do in order to ensure every student is the beneficiary of high-quality instruction every class period. But teachers were putting forth their best effort and their coaches were providing effective support.

Congratulations on the progress you have made to this point. Collectively, you and your teachers have demonstrated what is possible. Now the bar has been raised, and we need to work to make sure that every one of the 160 instructional days left this year are our best days ever.

I know that your teachers worked hard in preparation for yesterday. Please be sure to recognize them for their efforts and congratulate them on a job well done. Thank you for continuing to think differently and to act courageously for our students.”

More than just a single day of educators’ most intensive efforts, The Best Day Ever involved their recommitting themselves to focus on their classrooms and make a renewed effort to provide optimal instruction each day.

Principals echoed the superintendent’s sentiments. T.W. Browne Middle School Principal Jonathan Smith views the Best Day Ever as a call to action for his school. “We considered it a milestone for us to move forward,” Smith said. “We want to ensure we have teachers providing top quality instruction all day, every day and that students are highly engaged.”


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