Program aims to make Dallas ISD students MVPs


The Dallas ISD Coordinated School Health (CSH) Initiative is committed to encouraging students to adopt healthy life habits based on 10 components outlined by the Centers for Disease Control. The CATCH (Coordinated Approach to School Health) Program, designed for grades K-8, serves as the foundation for the district’s initiative, and promotes physical activity and healthy food choices.

An important component of CATCH is the promotion of values that challenge to become an MVP: M= move and stay active, V= value healthy eating, and P= practice healthy habits. The identified goals within these three easy-to-remember categories support the objectives of CSH. Campuses are encouraged to support these goals, and resources are available to assist elementary and middle schools in promoting the MVP message.

“We are excited about expanding the district’s Coordinated School Health message because healthier students are more productive learners,” said Karen Burnell, CSH specialist in the Health and Physical Education Department. “Dallas ISD is striving to be the healthiest district in the nation.”

Another tool for encouraging healthy behaviors is the CSH Calendar, which outlines the CATCH Program and the character traits schools want to instill in students. The calendar aligns with the school year, and each six weeks highlights a CSH Theme Day. Local events promoting a healthy lifestyle are also featured on the calendar, including the upcoming Cigna Dallas Mayor’s Race, which will be free for Dallas ISD staff and students.

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