Imagine 2020 effort grows


Imagine 2020 is the district’s strategic feeder pattern initiative to accelerate student achievement. The goal is to promote college- and career-readiness for every student.

This year, the South Oak Cliff High School feeder pattern joined the original 21 schools from the Lincoln, James Madison and L.G. Pinkston feeder patterns as part of Imagine 2020, an important element of Destination 2020.

Community engagement is a key component of the initiative, and recently principals and staff from the 12 schools in the SOC feeder pattern devoted part of their weekend to participate in a community resources fair conducted in connection with the district’s PREP U Super Saturday kickoff. The event gave parents an opportunity to connect with valuable family resources and let school staff meet and talk with parents about school programs and activities

Schools in the Imagine 2020 feeder pattern receive additional support and resources for students and teachers with the goal of increasing student academic ­achievement, improving college- and career-readiness, and training teachers to help them grow as educators.

“Having additional administrators and department chairs on each campus means that teachers will receive instructional feedback on a more frequent basis,” said SOC Executive Director Usamah Rodgers. “Teachers and students will benefit from technology used to support project-based, blended and personalized learning and receive additional resources to promote college- and career-readiness at their schools.”

Another feature of the Imagine 2020 initiative is the Student Advocacy Management team on each campus that includes an urban specialist, student advocates, psychologists, teachers, counselors and administrators. Each team works to help students who exhibit behavior that might distract them from learning. The team also helps campuses connect students and parents with community resources.

Students have access to small-group tutoring that emphasizes reading at the elementary level and mathematics for secondary students. Additionally, the community partnerships and extended-day program provide opportunities for increased field experiences and activities for student enrichment.

The South Oak Cliff feeder pattern includes South Oak Cliff High School, Boude Storey and Sarah Zumwalt middle schools, and W.W. Bushman, H.I. Holland at Lisbon, Barbara Jordan, Clara Oliver, Elisha M. Pease, Thomas L. Marsalis, Clinton P. Russell, Robert L. Thornton and Whitney M. Young elementary schools.

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