Dallas ISD takes action on alleged steroid use within Police Department


The Dallas Independent School District has accepted the resignation of a Dallas ISD Police officer and a Dallas ISD Security officer following an internal investigation into alleged illegal steroid use. Two more Dallas ISD Police officers are being recommended for termination and another is being recommended to receive a 3-day suspension.

The investigation found that a Dallas ISD officer sold what was alleged to be an illegal steroid to another officer who, along with several other officers, failed to report this information to supervisors.

While the district will not discuss specifics of the investigation, the message should be clear: Illegal steroid use, whether by staff or students, will not be tolerated by the Dallas Independent School District.

The investigation was initiated based on information that first came to light on Thursday, October 2 and has now been concluded. While conducting the investigation, the Dallas ISD Police Department consulted with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and determined that no criminal charges are warranted.

Additionally, statements were obtained from the coaching staff at Kimball High School to ensure that no students were involved in any steroid use. The Kimball High School Athletic coordinator was contacted because the two individuals who resigned had been assigned to Kimball. The investigation determined that no students or staff outside of the police department were involved.

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