Making an IMPACT, it only takes 60 minutes


Have you asked yourself how you can make an IMPACT today? Please read Lauren’s story and ask yourself if you have 60 minutes a week…

Lauren was a 5th grader who had struggled reading through most of her elementary classes. She was shy and withdrawn, keeping mostly to herself, rarely making eye contact with anyone. Going into 5th grade, she knew it was not going to be an easy feat. Given her struggle through both the 3rd and 4th grade STAAR assessment, odds were not on her side. School began and Lauren’s teacher was aware of her reading challenges. She also knew that there was a new opportunity on campus for additional reading support. Lauren was the ideal candidate! Once enrolled, Lauren was assigned a volunteer who committed to reading with her one hour a week during the school day. Spring came and Lauren had made significant improvement in both her reading AND her self-confidence! She was like a new child, with a pep in her step and a new love for learning. May came, and the results for STARR were in Lauren had not only PASSED her Reading assessment, she met the EXACT scale score for her successful. Lauren was in tears, reflecting on the fact that her hard work and the dedication of her reading tutor resulted in success she could have never imagined. This is just ONE story of the number of students who have been impacted by one volunteer giving one hour a week. You can be one of the volunteers who will forever impact a student’s life.

Supporting a student is easy—it requires no special degree or experience. We will equip you with the training and tools to guide your students to success.

Will you commit one hour a week this school year to serve Dallas ISD students?

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