Second-day enrollment surpasses projection


For the second straight day, the Dallas Independent School District has set a record for back-to-school attendance.

Attendance on the second day of school in Dallas ISD is 151,800 students, up 8,248 students from the first day of classes on Aug. 25. This school year’s second-day total is the second-highest tally since the 2003-2004 school year.

“We made it a priority during the summer to communicate the importance of students attending school the first week,” said Superintendent Mike Miles. “By reaching out to parents, sending information through releases and working with the school principals, we were able to make sure we had more children in school this year than last year.”

Dallas ISD has traditionally seen an increase in student enrollment on the second day of school. This year’s second-day jump increased student enrollment by more than 5 percent from day No. 1.

“We have an incredible group of teachers in place that will work hard to make sure the incoming students are caught up and prepared to make this a great year,” said Miles.
Second-day attendance by year
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